10 Inspirational Mix and Match Outfit with Sunmi-style motifs!

Some people may be less confident about wearing patterned outfits and prefer to combine plain outfits. In fact, wearing a patterned outfit will make your appearance more attractive and unique, if you are right in combining the patterned outfit you are wearing.

Still confused about a patterned mix and match outfit for various styles? So, you can cheat on some of the following Sunmi-style mix and match outfit inspirations. So cool!

Only using a plaid motif dress and black high heels like this will make your appearance eye catching, you know

Look elegant with a floral gold dress combined with a black belt. Add a chandelier earing to make it even cooler

A tribal motif top combined with a black pleated skirt and boots can make you look fashionable

Try wearing a black polka-dot shirt and white long pants. Use a belt and white sneakers for an even more trendy look

Floral shirt combined with brown blazer and line skirts are perfect for the office

Oversized tie dye motif shirt with pegged pants combined with white sneaker and white sling bag, perfect for semi-formal events

Black shirt with floral motif looks contemporary when combined with a white plisket skirt and sling bag, you will remain fashionable and hassle-free!

Have a patterned oversized cardigan? You can mix it with a white polo shirt and jeans. Don’t forget to use the belt to make it even cooler

Don’t want to be complicated, but want to keep looking cool? Try wearing a floral oversized shirt with straight leg jeans and adding a belt

Look cute and stunning with a patterned black mini dress and red cardigan combined with boots

Those are a series of inspirational mix and match outfits with Sunmi’s motifs. Can be worn in various situations, it doesn’t hurt for you to try OOTD like Sunmi above. Of course, so that your appearance is not monotonous.

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