10 Outfit Ideas with Beautiful Jeans Underneath Nada Puspita

Jeans are one of the most popular fashion items in all circles because of their flexible nature and easy to combine with tops, be it blouses, shirts, T-shirts and others. As long as you are an expert in mix and match your outfit, you can look your best with your OOTD with jeans.

It's simple to cheat, here are some outfit inspirations with Indah Nada Puspita's jeans as bottoms, you can make your appearance even cooler, check it out!

1 Use a pink tunic combined with a gray hijab square, ripped jeans and flip on shoes, trendy for OOTD!

2 Use a cream colored blouse combined with a patterned hijab square and embroidered jeans and sneakers, it will be eye catching!

3 Use a white tunic combined with a patterned hijab square, jogger pants, jeans and sneakers.

4 Use a cream colored turtleneck t-shirt combined with a patterned hijab square and uneven hem jeans and sneakers, chic and stylish!

5 You can also combine a black blouse with a maroon pashmina hijab and fringe jeans and sneakers, simple for OOTD!

6 Combining a gray tunic sweater, gray pashmina hijab and wide leg pants jeans and peep toe shoes will be eye catching!

7 No less cool for OOTD, use a patterned shirt combined with a hijab square with mocha color, mom jeans and loafer shoes, so chic!

8 Use a white shirt combined with a gray hijab square, skinny jeans and sneakers, simple and modern for OOTD!

9 You can also combine your cuff jeans with a plain shirt and cream colored outer suit, hijab square in the same color as the suit and peep toe shoes

  1. Look trendy and eye catching, you can combine a plain shirt with a leopard-patterned outer, a blue hijab square and mom jeans and oxford shoes.

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