10 Various Blends of Batik Trousers for an Invited Style, Maximum Trendy!

Batik is the most popular choice for formal events. Most women will choose a batik dress. In addition to dresses, you can try applying batik pants as a match for other outfits, you know!

For example, kebaya and batik pants or batik pants and a contemporary style top. Although traditional, batik pants can change the style of an invitation to be more hype and still elegant. Below are various blends of batik pants for your invitation style!

1 The unique blend is ripped off, the V-neck top with cuffs for hijabers can be worn with tulle-accented batik culottes

2 Styling batik pants to make them fashionable by wearing contemporary blouses, such as tulle tops and hijabs that match the color of your batik pants

3 Parang batik bottoms such as culottes, pencil skirts, or hareem pants, are suitable to be combined with a kebaya or outer ala this B3 singer group

4 The edgy style to the party? You can really, you know, mix black inner with dark batik culottes, then wear a leather jacket & boots!

5 For this blue mega cloudy patterned pants or jumpsuit, it looks special if you add a sleeveless outer

6 You can apply a combination of elegant and trendy at the same time by combining a brocade kebaya & Nowela-style batik leggings

7 This blouse-pants suit with two batik motifs, namely a machete and a jumputan, can be a reference for a family invitation uniform style

8 Cool references that are effortless but stunning, just combine a one-shoulder sequined kebaya with batik leggings and heels

9 Copy the combination of batik culottes with a one-shoulder top ala Nola and Widi Mulia for a chic, glamorous, and classy style of course!

10 This one set of jumputan batik is suitable for a more relaxed outdoor invitation style, but does not reduce the elegant impression kesan

So, those are the ten most charming blends of batik pants for you to wear to an invitation. Comment below, which is your favorite style?

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