3 Unified and Matched Outfit Ideas ala Evita Noah, Awesome!

Evita Noah is a famous fashion blogger. In addition to blogging, Evita also often shares photos of outfits on her Instagram account. Having a super cool style, she often wears fashion items with unique details.

Well, for those of you who might be bored with the current style or are looking for outfit ideas, try the following style outfit from Evita Nuh.

1 Give a simple and effortless impression with a choice of monochrome outfit items. Due to the pandemic, add a matching colored mask

2 For a fresh look, you can try an olive color T-shirt with a matching cardigan. For the subordinates, wear white grid motifs and high sneakers, suitable for use on campus, here

3 Black clothes that are matched with a touch of vest with a contrasting color, create an edgy impression on your appearance

2 thoughts on “3 Unified and Matched Outfit Ideas ala Evita Noah, Awesome!

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