4 OOTD Stylish Pregnant Women ala Nabila Gardena, Lovely Baby Bump!

Nabila Gardena Putri, is an Indonesian influencer and celebrity. Having hundreds of thousands of followers makes him flooded with endorsements. This Bandung-born woman often looks fashionable with a mix of cool outfits.

Married and pregnant with her baby, Nabila still looks stylish. It could be an inspiration for pregnant women's OOTD, let's take a peek at the portrait!

1 In an elegant style, Nabila combines an inner and a nude blazer with a midi skirt and white peep toe shoes. More cute with chained necklace

2 Strapless jumpsuits in brown color will look more stylish if you add a plain long outer with a neutral color

3 The inspiration for comfortable pregnant women's clothing, just wear a simple blouse with brocade details combined with a loose batik skirt. Simple but sweet

4 Got a plaid midi skirt? Make the center of attention by choosing a plain white blouse as a match

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