5 Casual Styles of Kim Jisoo Style Mini Dress and Skirt BLACKPINK

To get a feminine look, usually women will choose various models of casual mini dress and skirts as subordinates. Over time, the influence of South Korean culture in the entertainment industry has been taken into account. Currently, there are many boy bands and girl groups from the country led by President Moon Jae-In who have succeeded in creating a trendy fashion world.

One of the most frequently worn fashion items by South Korean girl group members is mini dresses and skirts. Kim Jisoo, or commonly known as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, often appears in public with simple but luxurious clothes. Besides being talented in singing and dancing, Kim Jisoo also has a great sense of fashion.

His appearance always captivates the heart, the idol who was born on January 3, 1995, was even partnered with several well-known fashion houses to become brand ambassadors. Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo flew to Paris and attended Paris Fashion Week as a global ambassador for Dior Fashion and Dior Beauty.

It’s never complicated for everyday wear. Kim Jisoo BLACKPINK’s OOTD is easy to cheat. Let’s take a peek at the line of the idol’s fashion style with a stylish mini dress and mini skirt.

1 vintage floral mini dress

Patterned clothes are synonymous with vintage style. But make no mistake, although this floral motif has been around since the time our grandmothers were young, this classic style is increasingly being used by the younger generation today. No need to be afraid of being called old fashion, you can cheat on Kim Jisoo’s OOTD as shown in the portrait above.

Timeless, Jisoo looked confident in a flower pattern mini dress with a collar above the knee. To make her look more stylish, Jisoo perfected her look by wearing black sandals and a mini handbag.

2 Striped mini dresses for a cool 90s style

You can get the classic 90s style by wearing a strip mini dress. In this portrait uploaded by Jisoo on July 7, 2020, it shows how fashionable the idol is when his body is wrapped in a striped mini dress. Not wearing many accessories, Jisoo chose a simple blue necklace.

In addition, you can mix and match the strip mini dress that Jisoo wears with sneakers to look cool and tomboyish. While flatshoes or high heels you can try to pair if you want to get a cute feminine look.

3 Look fresh with a red mini dress and cardigan

If you already wear red clothes, you no longer need to add a lot of accessories on your body. Because this color that symbolizes courage can make your outfit look perfect. Suitable for wearing when going on vacation to the beach with friends or family, you can copy Jisoo’s style which mixes and matches her red knitted mini dress with a matching cardigan.

Show summer fashion style, you can complete this one look with your favorite flatshoes. Guaranteed to make it more modern!

4 Plain white shirt and midi skirt

Trained for years by YG Entertainment, Jisoo then made her debut as an actress through the drama Snowdrop. The oldest member of BLACKPINK is rumored to be acting with a handsome actor, Jung Hae In. Through his upload on Instagram, Jisoo’s appearance is like a high school kid.

This midi skirt that is above the knee will always be a favorite fashion item for women of all time. Because it’s easy to mix and match with any top, in this portrait, Jisoo chose a plain white shirt that was tucked inside. So that your appearance is not monotonous, you can add accessories such as a simple bracelet or clock on one of your wrists. For footwear, light-colored sneakers and flatshoes can be the right choice.

No need to be complicated about hairdos, Jisoo styled her hair with a half ponytail model. A sweet cute aura immediately radiates if you cheat on Kim Jisoo’s style when posing in front of the food truck sent by her best friend, BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

5 Striped blue t-shirt and beige cardigan

Compared to just wearing a t-shirt, adding a cardigan as an outer can make you look more presentable. To make it more fashionable when you’re on an afternoon walk with friends, you can imitate Kim Jisoo’s feminine fashion style by wearing a blue striped shirt. Then for the subordinates, you can wear a black tennis skirt and complete your look with your favorite watch.

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