5 Deepika Padukone Outfits with Other Artists, Some are Twins with Syahrini

The name Deepika Padukone must be familiar to Bollywood movie lovers. Deepika is known for her roles in many popular films. Not only acting talent and beautiful face, the 35-year-old woman also often appears in fashionable clothes.

Apparently, Deepika's fashion style was similar to other artists. He was caught wearing the same outfit as Hollywood celebrities to Taah Air. Curious who is a twin with Deepika Padukone?

Twin with Syahrini

Deepika Padukone and Syahrini have appeared in the same outfit. They appear to be wearing Poncho clothes which are the output of the Burberry brand. Not only Deepika and Syahrini, artist Olivia Palermo was also caught wearing the same clothes.

Same Dress as Beyonce

Looking stunning, Deepika was seen wearing a 3D Ruffle dress. pink and looks luxurious, the dress that Deepika wore turned out to be the same as the dress that Beyonce had worn. The appearance of both is equally bright and elegant.

Different Color Dress with Ayu Ting Ting

Deepika and Ayu looked elegant in off-shoulder dresses. Deepikan wore a neon green dress, while Ayu appeared in a muted purple dress.

Back Shown with Dress

It didn't stop there, Ayu and Deepika appeared in dresses that looked exactly the same. Dress with a black top and has a layered shape at the bottom. Ayu wears a green layer while Deepika is charming in pink.

Deepika Padukone and Gigi Hadid

Deepika also had a twin with model Gigi Hadid. They seemed to be wearing bright red pantsuits. The only difference lies in the makeup they wear. Deepika only applied light makeup while Gigi looked bold with a touch of red lipstick.

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