5 International Fashion Labels That Support Mental Health Awareness Movement

October 10 is known as World Mental Health Day or World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day has a specific goal, namely to make more people aware of mental health issues, especially during a pandemic like now.

Not to forget, there are several fashion brands that also provide awareness about this mental health issue. Their involvement in addition to showing their concern, is also expected to increase awareness within the fashion industry itself. Such as implementing healthy and safe work patterns for industry players such as models, editors, and of course designers. A competitive competitive climate is often one of the factors that affect mental health. Here are some labels that are often active in mental health campaigns.

1 Kate Spade New York

After the tragic death of the founder of the brand, the Kate Spade New York charity then donates $1 million annually to various organizations. Last year, the Kate Spade New York brand chose to make grants to mental health organizations, including Crisis Text Line, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, The Fountain House, and more.

2 Madhappy

A label that specializes in casual clothes or loungewear, Madhappy has launched a product that is not just a cute t-shirt. Yup, in every product launched by the Madhappy brand, positive words are always inserted, such as "amazing", "pretty", optimism", and so on.

3 Zadig & Voltaire

This French fashion brand has an awareness to invite everyone to be more concerned about mental health. Not only that, this brand even held a campaign called "Art is Hope" which was held in collaboration with many artists. This campaign aims to make everyone have hope even when the situation is tough.

4 Swipe

This fashion label also invites many people to be more aware of mental health issues. The cashmere fashion specialist label is known to donate 25% of its sales to The LoveLand Foundation, an organization that provides financial support for black women of all ages who are seeking resources around mental health such as counseling through its therapy fund.

5 The Local Love Club

The Local Love Club brand owned by celebrity stylist, Maeve Reilley has a special mission in creating this brand, namely, to make goodness look cool. To fulfill this promise, a percentage of each sale is donated to the anti-bullying organization, Kind Campaign. Moreover, every part of the brand's collection is imbued with an uplifting message for both the wearer and those around him.

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