5 Jogging OOTDs for Celebrity Hijabi Women

Sport is an important part of maintaining health, including during a pandemic like today. Including women who wear hijab, do not underestimate the importance of sports, including those that are light and can be done every day, namely jogging.

But if you're confused about the outfit of the day or OOTD jogging for those of you who wear a hijab, calm down. Sahijab will present some stylish ideas for sportswear that you can wear while jogging, either with your husband or with friends.

Some of these OOTDs are also comfortable to wear, because they can absorb sweat and don't overheat. Some celebrities even often do jogging, from Soraya Larasati to Alyssa Soebandono who often exercise with her husband.

Let's just take a look at the following celebrity-style jogging OOTDs, which are summarized from their Instagram accounts.

1 Alyssa Soebandono's jogging OOTD is very comfortable and safe for women with hijabs to wear. Coupled with the addition of a hat that makes you comfortable even in the hot sun.

This 2 Ayana Moon jogging OOTD is also very simple, a combination of leggings and a loose top can cover the back. And don't forget to wear a mask for added protection during the pandemic.

3 Soraya Larasati is one of the celebrities who often exercise, either cycling or jogging. The style of clothing that is all black will feel safe and comfortable.

The next 4 OOTD jogging came from Zaskia Adya Mecca, who also regularly exercises. This time the OOTD jogging that you can use as a pink inspiration, is perfect for women to look more feminine.

The next 5 from OOTD jogging comes from Zee Zee Shahab, who also never forgets his exercise routine. The combination of parasitic pants and a bright top is perfect for you to look cheerful.

Those are some inspirations for OOTD jogging that you can make as one of the sports inspirations on the weekend.

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