5 Pastel Nuance Couple Inspirations

The pastel style has become increasingly popular lately along with the number of celebrities and influencers who wear it. This style is also often used for invitations because it gives the impression of being young.

If you are looking for an invitation style with a partner, this time we will share ideas for a couple's invitation style in pastel shades that you can copy. Come on, take a peek below!

1 Salem dress with one long sleeve detail

Dian Sastro applies a dress with shades of salmon. The dress she wore had a one long sleeve cut and a slit in the front which made her even more elegant.

She wore it with open toe heels and a clutch as well as emerald teardrop earrings detailing. Meanwhile, the couple wears a black suit with a white shirt.

2 Light gray polka-dot accent dress with ruffle detail

Shireen Sungkar looks attractive wearing a dress with ruffle cut polka-dot details. Her appearance is more elegant with the addition of a light pink hijab that matches the hand bag she uses.

Meanwhile, the couple wears a more mature gray suit with a black shirt. Both of them look matched with the color selection of matching clothes.

3 Dresses with maxi cut motif accents

Raisa Andriana applies a dress with an abstract motif in pastel mustard colors. His appearance looks catchy with a combination of pointed heels.

The singer and partner of Hamish Dauh applies stud earrings and a clutch. Meanwhile, the couple wore clothes with a dark blue pattern and black pants.

4 Maxi dresses with blink details

The next invitation style idea is a maxi dress with blink details. Ellyse Sinsilia applied it with a black ring bag.

The bob hairstyle makes it even more charming. While the couple wore a black suit with a white shirt.

5 Kutubaru kebaya with pastel lilac sequins with jarit skirt

Together with her partner, Pevita Pearce wore an inviting style with a pastel lilac kebaya cut by a new cut. The kebaya she wears is combined with a front pleated batik jarit skirt and a matching colored mask.

As for the hairstyle, Pevita applies a low bun. Meanwhile, the couple applied Javanese clothing with a beskap and a jarit skirt.

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