5 Styles of Sally Marcellina, The Sexiest Artist of the 1990s Adored by Men

Decades have passed, the hot 1990’s actress Sally Marcellina still looks so good at maintaining her appearance. Even at the age of 51, Sally, who was once known as one of the sex bomb icons, still looks beautiful and sexy.

Her appearance is still capable of making men’s eyes widen. But in the era of the glory of her career, Sally’s figure was very sexy and became the idol of men.

Intrigued by her sexy style, here are five styles summarized in various sources, Friday (11/6/2021):

1 Sexy Swimsuit
Relaxing on the beach while in Bali, Sally chose a one-piece swimsuit with a tribal motif combined with an orange beach cloth. Squatting crouched among the sea grass, the beach cloth Sally was wearing seemed to be parted showing her legs clearly.

2 Sexy and confident
Sally’s youthful slender body seems to be well preserved. In the OOTD portrait when he was on vacation to Drottningholm Slott wearing a tight black tank top and skinny ripped jeans. It is clear that the body shape of this Jakarta Warkop star is still slim and well maintained.

3 Ageless
Even though she has entered the age of 5, Sally’s beauty lines from a young age have not faded. Not surprisingly, through this portrait of Sally, netizens praised Sally’s appearance, which is still beautiful until now.
“It’s beautiful, Ms. Sally,” wrote the Mona_yan account **
“Aiiihh it’s beautiful,” praised the netizen who owns an account named Annadb****

4 Sexy at 20 years old
Well, this one is a sexy portrait of Sally in a color tube top dress when she was young, still in her 20s and just starting her career in the Indonesian entertainment world as an actress and model.

5 Magazine cover models
As one of the famous artists of her time, it’s no wonder Sally has also been present to grace the cover of a magazine in the 1990s. For example, for the cover of Popular magazine, where Sally looks hot and seductive in a pink floral swimsuit posing wet in a swimming pool.

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