6 Monochrome Black & Brown OOTD for Hijabers

Monochrome color OOTD style is still a trend today, Ladies. Solid and matching matching and beautiful when viewed, make many women like it. Not only fashionable and matching when worn, the OOTD is comfortable to use.

Like a solid match outfit with a skirt combination that is a favorite of hijabers. The combination of a monochrome OOTD and a skirt is the best choice for you to wear at any event. Curious about what outfits you can try? Let's take a peek at the OOTD hijab skirt idea through the following article!

Gorgeous with All Black-Brown Outfit

Casual hijab outfits with monochrome nuances have a characteristic that displays a simple impression and only combines 2-3 colors to make it look matching, Ladies. Like this look that combines black and brown. You can imitate it for use in all events, you know.

You simply combine a black top with a matching color skirt. Give a brown denim jacket for the outside so that your look is not boring. Choose a black hijab and bag so that your appearance matches perfectly. Finally, you can wear white sneakers to give the impression of maximum coolness.

Look like a teenager wearing a sweater

Who wants to look youthful with a monochrome OOTD hijab skirt? You can try this one fashion inspiration, Ladies. This mix-and-match gives a simple and fashionable impression, typical of teenagers.

You simply combine a black sweater with a matching skirt. Give beautiful details by wearing a brown vest. Choose a black hijab to display a strong monochrome impression. Finally, complete it with black Converse shoes.

Fashion with Denim Jacket

This casual hijab outfit is worth a try for you lovers of simple looks, Ladies. This monochrome outfit is quite minimalist but still looks cute. You can combine an ivory white denim jacket combined with a black inner shirt.

For subordinates you can match it with a brown skirt. Choose a black hijab that matches the top. Finally, choose white sneakers to make your appearance more charming.

Look Feminine in a Polka-dot Skirt

Next, appear wearing an OOTD hijab skirt with a feminine and sweet impression you can get by imitating this look, Ladies. You can combine a brown blouse top with a black polka dot pattern. Choose a black hijab so that your appearance looks sweeter.

Complete the monochrome feel by choosing a brown bag and shoes. A soft brown sling bag and matching flat shoes can be the best choice to complete your appearance.

Casual Look Through Soft Color Tone

Want to appear wearing an OOTD hijab skirt with a softer and brighter impression? This casual hijab outfit can be tried. You can combine a long-sleeved brown tunic with a black inner shirt. For your subordinates, you can choose a white skirt to get a soft impression, Ladies.

Pair it with a hijab that matches the skirt. Give a touch of chic by wearing a brown mini bag. Finally, choose soft color strap heels to sweeten the appearance.

Look Simple With V-Neck Vest

Last but not least, if you like to look simple and uncomplicated, this casual hijab outfit shouldn't be missed. You simply combine black and brown tones, Ladies. Combine a black blouse top with beautiful balloon sleeve details with a matching color skirt.

To make your monochrome look look even cooler, you can add a v-neck vest as an outside. Choose a black hijab so that your appearance is even more matched. Give another all-black touch to the choice of bags and matching platform shoes.

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