6 Purple Pranikah Study Clothing Inspirations, There Must Be Dawn!

Recitation is one of the many pre-wedding processions held with the aim of asking for prayers and blessings. This procession will be one of the most emotional events for the bride-to-be.

Well, for those of you who want to hold a recitation event, purple clothes can be an option, like the one worn by Lesti Kejora. Here are 7 purple pre-wedding dress inspirations that will make you look stunning.

1 Lesti Kejora with a charming tulle veil

Lesti Kejora chose to look charming in lilac at the pre-wedding recitation. He mix and match tulle material with embroidery accents and a sprinkling of sequins as decoration. It’s even sweeter with floral accents.

A long dress model with a closed collar and bishop sleeves, makes Lesti elegant. To make the recitation process more solemn, Lesti also wore a transparent veil with lace edges. Natural makeup with blush on and pink lipstick, making her look fresh and sweet.

2 Long robes studded with sequins for a luxurious look

Atries Angel chose a long purple dress with a sprinkling of sequins and lace on the front. A simple shape with a V-neck collar detail, making it look elegant. The basic dress is made of silk combined with a transparent fabric.

Atries combined it with a long veil made of tulle. Small flower-accented beads decorated her hood, making her charm shine even more.

3 Look elegant in a long gown and lacy veil like Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy chose a long abaya model with full sequin material. With asymmetrical bishop sleeves and bottoms, Nikita looks stunning on the day of her study.

Short Veil is Niki’s choice. The bead and sequin shapes decorate the edges. Shades of purple that match family members, combined with glamorous and flawless makeup.

4 Blend the Middle East concept for stunning Margins

Margin chose the Middle East concept for the day of the study. Wear head accessories like Pakistani women and bracelets on hands, making them even more elegant. Her makeup focuses on eyeliner with a cateye shape.

Margin’s recitation dress is a brocade dress combined with tulle at the bottom and a hood. A sprinkling of silver sequins makes it even more luxurious. You can copy this style to make Middle Eastern-style recitations.

5 Look simple but still steal attention in a brocade dress

Canti chose a brocade dress for her recitation before her wedding day with Adipati Dolken. The basic material of the dress is a silky satin material, covered with brocade with a few accents of sequins.

A long veil with similar brocade material, makes Canti even more charming. The muted purple color makes this woman steal the show.

6 The combination of two colors in recitation clothing like Kesha Ratuliu

The combination of a purple robe with a sprinkling of sequins makes Kesha look stunning. A touch of gray and sequin accents, a combination that makes the outfit charming and not boring.

The closed collar model makes this woman look calm on the day of the study. The shape of the hijab is made simple, namely a triangular hijab in which both parts are tied back and then a veil is added.

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