6 Tips for Hunting Thrift Shop Clothes to Get Maximum Results

Today, thrifting activities are booming and are favored by young people. Thrifting itself is an activity where someone looks for used goods that are still fit for use or have value. Usually, thrifting activities are dominated by fashion items.

Thrifting is so popular because when else can you get good quality goods, sometimes even from well-known brands that are sold at very low prices.

Well, for you, who are just starting out in the world of adventure, there are a number of tips for hunting using antrifts to get maximum results. What are the tips? Check out the following reviews.

1 Wear comfortable clothes

Coming to a thrift market or thrifting location in your city, of course, you can't wear clothes like you want to come to the mall. Wear comfortable clothes that tend to be relaxed, because you will spend a lot of time in this one place.

Even though the place where you are hunting for thrift clothes has already been provided with a fan or AC, it's not uncommon for sweat to still pour from your body. Comfortable clothes will also make it easier for you to move around, right?

2 Prepare a sufficient budget

Even though it is sold at a low price, you still have to bring a sufficient budget. Don't let the fun of shopping, uh, you don't even have enough money. For that, it is necessary to prepare an adequate budget.

Maximize what you buy with the amount of budget you have. It's not impossible either, right, you got some good stuff while thrifting this time?

3 Don't forget to bring a large tote bag or sack

The most important thing and also not to be left behind is the tote bag or sack. Especially if your intention to hunt thrift clothes is to be sold again. You will be overwhelmed, if you don't bring this one item.

Other than that. Bringing a tote bag or sack will also summarize your belongings, which are sure to be busy going back and forth to hunt for even more items.

4 Familiarize yourself with the salesperson

There is nothing wrong with trying to familiarize yourself with the seller. Who knows, by getting the seller's heart for your hospitality, you can get a bigger discount.

Due to the increasing number of people who use thrifting content as material for their uploads on YouTube or other social media, it is not uncommon for many sellers to increase their prices.

Therefore, try not to be too visible holding the camera. If you get caught even when you are familiar with the merchant, there won't be a drama of haggling over the price, right?

5 Thoroughly selecting items

The name thrift item must be something that isn't perfect. Whether it is stained, has holes in it, the stitches are not neat, the threads are coming out and so on, you have to thoroughly research them.

If you use it yourself for everyday life, that's fine. But if you want to sell again, a lot of defects will further reduce the selling value of your goods, right? For that it is necessary to be careful in choosing items or thrift clothing.

6 Use a bargaining strategy

Is it okay to bid on the items being sold? Of course you can, please. Take advantage of your strategy to get good items at a rational price by bargaining. This is normal, natural and fine, if done.

As long as the price you are offering is not too sadistic, surely the seller will also agree with the price you are offering. So, don't hesitate and be embarrassed to do this one strategy, huh.

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