7 Cool Outfit Ideas For Those Who Want To Follow Fashion Aesthetics Trends

Recently, social media such as Instagram and Tiktok are increasingly enlivened with fashion aesthetics trends. What, the hell, is this one’s stylistic expression?

Basically, aesthetic fashion describes a unique style of dress and has artistic value. Well, this style choice can be one way to display your unique and different personality.

Summarized from various sources, here is a series of aesthetically nuanced styles that you can contend for a more alluring look!

1 Artsy Aesthetics

In relation to natural beauty, art, and everything beautiful, artsy aesthetics come from many different styles. In this fashion trend, images of sunflowers and the starry night sky are often displayed as motifs on T-shirts and bags.

But not only that motif, artsy aesthetic also features bright colors, stripes, loose pants, and oversized tees. Usually you will see plaid pants or jeans with a tucked shirt and sweater, paired with chunky sneakers or flats.

2 Dark Academia

The dark academia trend has been a popular choice for several years. This style is easily matched perfectly in a variety of settings. Neutral and dark color shades dominate this style, including black, brown, navy, and dark green.

This style was inspired by the way students at Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy league schools dressed in the 30s and 40s. This fashion style does reflect an ‘academic’ touch.

You can create this style of aesthetics by wearing a black turtleneck, plaid trousers, and brogues. Combine with a coat or blazer of a matching color.

3 80s Retro Style

This one fashion trend will give a classic as well as glamorous impression. Bold and bright color matching cubes were very popular in the 80s era. Not only the clothes that look striking, but also the accessories worn are also very attractive, such as colored glasses with large size, large round earrings, to lace headbands.

To show off the retro style of the 80s, you can wear clothes with bright shades and bold colors, such as neon. Then choose oversized tops paired with leggings, tights, or mini skirts.

4 Vintage Aesthetics

This vintage style takes inspiration from various elements decades ago. There are no grip rules for this trend, so you can pick up your most favorite parts from 60s, 70s, 80s, to 90s fashion trends.

Vintage fashion aesthetics are usually dominated by a simple touch of style. For example, the most popular this year are high rise pants which are also known as “mom jeans”. You can see this one fashion item again adorning the fashion stores.

To get a vintage aesthetics look, you can combine high rise pants with crop tops, shoulder bags, and sneakers. This will make your appearance look perfect.

5 Soft Girl Aesthetics

Soft, cheerful, cute, and feminine are the effects that want to be highlighted through this style. No wonder if the outfits worn to emphasize the soft girl impression are generally romantic pastel colors, such as pink, bubblegum, baby blue, sage, and lemon.

Well, to get an eye -catching soft girl look, you can wear wide -legged denim pants, lace camisole, and soft colored cropped cardigan. Lastly, perfect your style with thick sneakers, a baguette bag, and a bucket hat.

6 Kidcore Aesthetics Fashion

This style will bring you to a nostalgic childhood 90s. Kidcore aesthetics uses bright primary colors, such as red, yellow, green, and blue. Combined with graphic elements to your favorite cartoon kids like Hello Kitty.

To create a kidcore look, you need items such as denim overalls, rainbow -patterned shirts, sticker -trimmed jeans, and knee -length striped socks. Combine with a butterfly hairpin to give a more colorful effect.

7 Y2k Aesthetics

This style is influenced by the era of the late 90s and early 2000s which combines elements of pop culture and technological advancement. Y2k Fashion then presents a dress style that focuses on futuristic colors, such as silver and metallic blue.

Interestingly, in the early 2000s the style shifted to the Y2k aesthetic as we see it now. The main themes of this era include pink butterfly hairpins, crop tops, chunky shoes, mini skirts, and loose jeans.

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