7 Latest Charms of Mikha Tambayong, Just Graduated S2 at Harvard!

Being active at work does not mean forgetting the importance of education, this has been proven by Mikha Tambayong! Yups, Deva Mahendra’s lover has just finished his master’s degree at Harvard University and earned a master’s degree in law.

There is no doubt about achievement, Mikha Tambayong’s appearance also always steals attention. Since appearing in the entertainment world, her distinctive face and tan skin seem to give a new color. What’s his latest portrait like? Just take a peek!

1 Lovers of soap operas must be familiar with Micah’s sweet smile. It hasn’t changed since then.

2 Her beauty does not decrease even though she appears without makeup. So natural!

3 Long and brown hair is her mainstay hair style.

4 Paras Mikha succeeded in making a splash when she appeared with a glam makeup look. It’s completely different!

5 If the combination of coral eye makeup and glossy lips increasingly exudes a feminine aura from Micah. Agreed, right?

6 The charm of this 26-year-old actress deserves a thumbs up!

7 This is a portrait of Micah when he officially graduated from Harvard University. Once again, congratulations!

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