8 OOTD Casual Gang ‘Girl Squad’ Nia Ramadhani, How Can You Imitate!

Several Indonesian artists have gangs, including Nia Ramadhani Bakrie. Together with Jessica Iskandar, they are both members of the Girl Squad. This gang often takes pictures, vacations together, and wears glamorous clothes.

However, who says the members of the Girl Squad always look glamorous? Just like us, there are times when they wear casual and casual outfits such as T-shirts, jeans or sneakers. Curious? Just scroll, come on!

1 Nia Ramadhani Bakrie

Nia looks like a contemporary youth, wearing a printed T-shirt and denim hot pants with an asymmetrical model. It looks cooler with the outer in the form of a blue striped shirt. Plain white sneakers make the style of this mother of three look sporty.

2 Jessica Iskandar

Not always paired with heels or flat shoes, mini dresses can also be combined with sneakers. Like this portrait of Jessica Iskandar, who wore a dark green patterned mini dress with plain white sneakers. Sontek-able, right!

3 Theresa Wienathan

As Nia Ramadhani’s personal assistant, Theresa’s appearance is also fashionable. The proof, Theresa is still charming even in a plain black sleeveless dress and white sneakers. Pair it with a nude color bag and sunglasses to make it even cooler!

4 Sally Adelia Soraya

Match a plain black turtleneck with a plaid mini skirt, a leather jacket adds to the appeal of this 1991-born woman. This style can be an inspiration for OOTD traveling or hangouts.

5 Rozma Suhardi

Rozma combined a T-shirt and plain black pants. So that it doesn’t look boring, you can add an outer like a jeans jacket with ripped details. You can also wear sneakers with a unique color combination.

6 Farah Balkis

Casual style is also suitable for traveling abroad in winter. Farah combined a turtleneck, sleeveless vest, cuffed jeans, and thick-soled sneakers. Add an outer like a neutral colored jacket to balance the look.

7 Hertika Putri

Jeans and sneakers are two fashion items that seem inseparable. Hertika combined it with a white top and a black span skirt. Add a unique accessory such as a choker necklace or a hat, so it can be a sweetener for the style of the streets.

8 Dr. Irene

The combination of black and red outfits is indeed the most suitable for those of you who want to steal attention. This time, Dr. Irene combined a mini dress with a loose top with a bag and red sneakers.

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