9 One Shoulder Dress Inspirations, Radiate Elegance!

Dress is still a favorite outfit for invitations. There are various models of dresses, ranging from short lengths to various modifications that make them attractive. One of them, modifications in the arm, where the right arm is different from the left.

Often called a one-shoulder dress, this outfit will give you an elegant look. Some of the celebrities below look charming when wearing them. Take a peek at the inspiration for this one-shoulder dress, let's go!

1 Ayu wears an orange one shoulder with slit detail, with puff sleeves and narrows to the wrist

2 Chelsea stole the show with a dress that combines plain pink magenta fabric and embroidered fabric with a beautiful pattern

3 Dress made of satin combined with a clutch decorated with beads and pearl necklaces, giving a glamorous look!

4 Patgouw's black dress looks more attractive with slit details and embossed embroidery on one shoulder and sleeves

These 5 one shoulder dresses with various combinations of fabrics make Salsha worthy of being the center of attention!

6 Tasya stole the show with a large ruffle detail on one shoulder on her white dress, as well as asymmetrical details on the skirt.

7 Present at the awards ceremony, Beby wore a black one-shoulder dress with ruffle sleeves made of tulle and beads decoration on the stomach

8 Raline looks cute in a plain red maxi dress, followed by sequined straps

9 Plain white one shoulder dress combined with open toe heels of the same color, perfect for those of you who want to look minimalist and simple

Those are 9 dress inspirations with a one-shoulder model that are suitable for invitations. Which one do you like, huh?

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