9 OOTD Ideas with Seulgi Red Velvet Skirts, So Not Boring

Red Velvet's Seulgi is a KPop idol who is known for her amazing dancing skills. Coupled with charming vocals and visuals, this idol whose full name is Kang Seulgi has successfully won fans from various circles.

Besides being talented, Seulgi is also admired because of her super cool style. On various occasions, this girl who was born in 1994 often shows OOTD with a subordinate in the form of a skirt. It's easy to imitate, let's highlight Seulgi's appearance with the following skirt.

1 Loves to wear converse shoes, Seulgi combines her favorite footwear with a white t-shirt and light green skirt

2 Seulgi's style in preparation for this comeback is really stunning, even though it's only a white button-up top and yellow plaid skirt

3 Look casual with a white t-shirt and denim printed skirt. Add a red sling bag and sneakers, this outfit is even cooler!

4 No need to be complicated, you can look fashionable like Seulgi by combining a black t-shirt, matching outer shirt, plaid midi skirt, and yellow flat shoes

5 Visiting a country with winter season will certainly look even more cool with a black jacket, matching inner, white skirt, and ankle boots

6 Visiting a gallery, Seulgi looks relaxed combining her hoodie and leather skirt with black boots

7 A semi-formal style embodied by the Red Velvet main dancer in the form of a striped shirt, midi skirt, and wrap heels

8 Want to be on girl crush? Just try to mix and match a white shirt, black mini skirt, and Seulgi's black knee high boots. Don't forget to wear a light vest to make it even more complete

9 choices of earth tone nuances of sweaters and skirts will not make your appearance stand out. For Seulgi, he chose

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