A La Hijabers Bodo Shirt Outfit Inspiration to Wear to Parties

The bodo shirt is a traditional outfit of the Bugis-Makassar tribe originating from South Sulawesi. One of the oldest clothes, the bodo shirt is famous for its characteristic transparent fabric and its rectangular shape. 'Bodo' itself has the meaning of the word 'short', which characterizes the cut of the arm which only reaches the elbow of the arm.
Along with development, hijab women are in great demand with modifications to the longer sleeves. No wonder the bodo shirt model has become a favorite of hijabers to wear to important events, one of which is for parties. Well, Popbela has the inspiration for matching bodo clothes for hijab women. Let's check this out!

1 Look elegant with a bodo shirt made from organza and a dark blue hijab. This color goes well with classy silver trousers.

2 Short-sleeved bodo shirts can also be worn by hijab users if they are combined with a matching long-sleeved satin shirt. Make your look even more charming with satin tiled pants.

3 Do not hesitate to use black for invitations. Choose bodo clothes with beautiful embroidery motifs. Pair it with ethnic fabrics in contrasting colors and pointed shoes to complete the appearance.

4 Relying on a twisted cloth with a tumpal pattern, try pairing it with a bodo shirt with a sweet ikat accent. Complete with a simple black sling bag and heels.

5 Give it a luxurious look wearing a bodo shirt made from organza with a flare at the bottom. Just mix and match with white culottes and mules shoes, for a more elegant look.

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