A Practical Guide to Choosing a Kebaya Application for the Skinny to Look Proportionate

Apart from being the first step in binding a sacred promise between two human children, the proposal is also a stage where all eyes are on you. So, you have to look your best. That doesn't mean it has to be luxurious and expensive, yes, but you should wear something that fits and is able to support your appearance at this moment. Unfortunately, maybe you often have trouble finding clothes that match your body shape.

So far, maybe more people have given tips on choosing a kebaya for those whose bodies are full, even though we who have thin bodies often feel less confident. Eits, don't be in such a hurry, you can also look your best with the following few guidelines!

1 The motifs and details on the kebaya will be one of the elements that can be maximized, it turns out that it can't just be beautiful

When choosing a fabric, you may tend to choose motifs and details such as beautiful sequins even though the fabric is still rolled up. Even though the motifs you see are beautiful, not all of them can support your appearance. The most suitable kebaya motifs for you, the owner of a thin body, are large motifs that are able to disguise your body shape or tight sequins. 3D motifs will also give a full impression that makes your body more full.

2 The contemporary peplum kebaya model will form a silhouette on your body that has always looked straight

This kebaya model is widely used because it gives a modern impression and is suitable to be worn on any occasion, including proposals. The model that expands at the bottom will give the illusion of a body silhouette so it doesn't look straight. You can adjust the variations depending on your taste.

3 Giving a ribbon or wearing an obi on your kebaya will also disguise the straight shape of your body

In addition to choosing a peplum model, you can also complete your beautiful kebaya with a large enough ribbon at the waist. Wearing an obi or belt can also be used when your kebaya is classic or plain. Using this property will disguise your straight body and give it dimension to make it more shaped.

4 Still related to the model, the layering technique on the kebaya will make your body volume increase too

One of the tips to make your skinny body look fuller is to wear a layered or layered kebaya model. You can choose materials ranging from brocade fabric to contemporary transparent tile fabric combined with plain satin fabric of the same color to make this model still pleasing to the eye. It can also be made from the same material.

5 Choosing a long kebaya will make your body look straighter, you should consider a medium size

Wearing a kebaya with a regular front buttoned model with a length, for example up to the knee, will expose your straight body shape, so you should avoid this kebaya size. Instead, you can choose a kebaya with a size that fits your hips.

6 You can also wear a draped scarf to distract people from your thin body tubuh

7 Capes that are long to add to the kebaya can also help get around a thin body. Can adopt from this Dinda dress model~

You can also try adding an accent like a cape to a modern kebaya. Adjust the model and the layer of the cape so that it can provide the right dimensions for a thin body.

In addition to making your appearance go up one level, it turns out that a complementary property in the form of a scarf can also cover straight body parts so that it can disguise the body shape. You can choose just plain satin fabric to be sewn from the shoulder to the waist or just wear a loose scarf that is pinned.

Finally, you can actually choose any color according to your taste but your appearance will be maximized by choosing bright colors. Well, even though it may seem trivial and often overlooked, with some of these guidelines you will be more successful in becoming the master of the stage for your application. Hope everything goes well~

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