A row of Korean-style standing photo poses wearing a powerful dress to cover a distended stomach

The trend of Korean-style photo poses is quite popular today. Moreover, their photo poses always look unique and charming, and can make the body look slimmer. Like some of the following Korean-style photo pose ideas that can cover your distended stomach and make your photos look like a professional model. Curious? Listen, come on!

1 The photo pose looking down with hands in pockets and carrying a bag can make the appearance look charming. Tips, choose clothes that can cover the stomach area, such as clothes with ribbons or high-waisted models, so that your photos look cooler.

2 Posing a photo with two arms bent forward and looking at the side of the camera is also effective in covering the distended stomach area. Make sure you stand up straight to make the resulting photo even cooler.

3 The photo pose by folding your arms while looking to the side can also cover the distended stomach area. Thus, the view will be diverted to the clothes you use.

4 Posing a photo of pretending to walk from the side can also disguise the distended stomach area. You can pose as if you are walking and looking down to make your portrait look cool like a celebrity.

5 Posing a photo leaning against the wall with hands like a respectful style and the left leg folded in front of the right leg can also create a cool photo style.

6 Posing a photo with the style of holding the head up can also give a charming appearance. Well, if you want to cover the stomach area, you can use a sling bag, which is made forward to make the body look slimmer.

7 Posing a photo while bending the hand carrying a handbag and the other hand holding a skirt can also disguise the stomach area. Turn your gaze to the side of the camera. In addition, make sure you give room at the top of the head to make the body look more level and slim.

8 The photo pose while walking forward with the face looking down and one hand holding the skirt can also disguise the stomach. This style can make your body look slimmer and look more graceful.

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