A row of shoe models that are suitable for wide feet

Every body shape must have its own struggle in choosing the right item, including the owner of big feet. Yup, having big feet is usually difficult to find the right and comfortable shoes. The shape of the foot that is wide in the front will make the feet blister and hurt faster when choosing the wrong shoe model. But the row of shoe models for wide feet below can be the answer for owners of big feet. Its distinctive shape will make owners of big feet comfortable all day long.

1 The rounded shape of the ballet flats on the front is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Not only that, the sweet model will make you look feminine.

2 Loafers have a classic design that will suit any occasion. Suitable for big feet, loafers also don't make your feet blister easily.

3 Espadrilles shoes are identical to their wide shape in the front making them suitable for owners of big feet. Regarding the model, espadrilles shoes are also okay to rely on for the summer.

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