A row of shoes that are suitable for kebaya to look tall and elegant

Kebaya is always a mainstay for attending various important events, including invitations and graduations. Well, sometimes we are confused about choosing a shoe model that fits perfectly with the kebaya. Moreover, shoes can make your appearance more beautiful and charming. However, you don't need to worry anymore because we have several recommendations for shoe models that are suitable for kebaya and can make the body look taller. Check it out!

1 If you choose a kebaya with a short twisted fabric model, you can wear high heels with a strap or ankle strap high heels. This shoe model can give an elegant impression. You can choose neutral colors or dark colors to make it even more charming.

2 Peep toe heels with simple strap details at the toe like this can also create a chic impression on your appearance.

3 Mules sandals with high heels can be a mainstay to be combined with the application kebaya. The tips, choose a shoe color that is similar to your kebaya color to create a neater and chic impression.

4 Mules shoes with pointy ends, aka statement mules, sandals can be a mainstay to be combined with brocade and sequins kebaya to make it look more luxurious and create an elegant impression.

5 Don't hesitate to choose a statement mules sandal that matches the color of kebaya and twisted fabrics to create a more elegant impression.

6 Vintage mary-jane shoes can be combined with modern kebaya with simpler motifs. So, your appearance looks more classy, ​​vintage, and still elegant.

7 Wedges sandals can still be an option to be combined with kebaya. You can choose a wooden heeled wedges sandal model with statement accents from beads or sequins to create a more luxurious impression

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