Angelina Jolie has applied for a new trademark for a apparel and jewelry line. after she preliminarily launched the jewelry line Style of Jolie

Angelina Jolie appears to be expanding her midairs with a new fashion line.

The 47- time-old actress, who continues to be involved in contentious divorce accommodations with herex-husband Brad Pitt, is planning to launch a new line concentrated on apparel and jewelry, The Sun reported on Wednesday.

A source claimed that she had formerly filed for a global trademark under the name AtelierJolie. has reached out to Jolie's representatives for comment.

The source claimed' Angelina has been working on this design for well over a time and she hopes the trademark will be approved so she can move forward in her new adventure.'

The source indicated extensive plans for the new company, as it would include' everything from custom- made jewelry to couture apparel and acclimatizing.'

They added,' She's a huge advocate for sustainable fashion and this is commodity the brand will have a major focus on.

The plan is still veritably important in its immaturity but the bus are in stir,' the source noted.

Jolie also supposedly was not limited her new line to just apparel and jewelry, as it was said to include coverlet and other ménage inventories.

Still, The Sun also noted that Jolie might run into delicate trademarking her new line, as the name formerly exists.

The New York – grounded artist Omnaia Jolie Abdou appears to formerly have a point for her artwork that uses the name Atelier Jolie.

Jolie preliminarily dipped her toes into the jewelry world with the launch of her Style of Jolie jewelry line further than a decade agone.

It appears that last major release from the line was back in 2018.

Although there is no suggestion yet of what kinds of fashion Shop Jolie will concentrate on, though it's likely in good hands, as the Oscar winner has been a fashion icon going back to her buzzy red carpet appearances in the 1990s.

Back in February of 2021, Jolie spoke about her fashion alleviations with British Vogue, and she revealed that she goes out of her way to repurpose aged aesthetics and to concentrate on dateless designs.

I invest in quality pieces, and also just wear them to death,' she said of her eye- catching wardrobe.

She noted that she'd find a brace of' thrills, a favorite fleece, a favorite bag' and stick with those particulars for a considerable time.

Jolie said that reusing well- made particulars and copping
from quaint shops would be' part of the way forward' to a further sustainable future.