Anti Fail, 3 Solid Inspirations Matching Fashion with Jennie BLACKPINK style hat

Names related to BLACKPINK members have never been quiet from the news. This time, Jennie BLACKPINK's name is being mentioned a lot because of the issue of bullying she has experienced.

Besides having an unquestionable voice, BLACKPINK's Jennie is also called one of the South Korean celebrities with the most perfect visuals ever. The FIMELA team found some of BLACKPINK's Jennie's signature style when she wears a hat, see here.

1 Cloche Hat

Here, BLACKPINK's Jennie appeared wearing a pink cloche hat which she combined with matching clothes and jeans. Her hair was left loose for a casual look.

2 Beanies

In this appearance that seems more casual, BLACKPINK's Jennie is seen wearing a plain purple hoodie and trousers without a motif. The beanie she was wearing also had shades of bluish-purple.

3 Newsboy cap

This time, BLACKPINK's Jennie appeared wearing a striped newsboy cap, which she combined with a long white shirt and outer with brown shades similar to the hat and bag she was carrying. Her appearance this time was perfected with simple black jeans, but still accentuates an elegant impression.

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