Anti Risky, Here Are 5 Ways to Get Around Fashion Items that are Too Short

Accidentally buying clothes that are too short is annoying. Eits, don't hurry to throw it away, Bela. You can trick clothes that are too short with a few tips. Let's follow these 5 ways to make clothes that are too small become one of your favorite OOTDs.

1 Try wearing stockings for a skirt or mini dress that is too short. Choose a neutral color such as black or skin color so that it is suitable to be worn with any outfit color.

2 Clothes that are too short can also be overcome by wearing a longer coat or outerwear. The back of your body will be covered and of course for short clothes so it is not too uncomfortable to wear.

3 If you are not used to wearing a mini dress that is too short, try the stacking technique with trousers. You can wear jeans or pants with the same color as your top.

4 You can also try to outsmart a skirt or dress that is too short with the addition of long socks above the knee. Mix and match with stylish sneakers or oxford shoes.

5 If you want to keep appearing in short clothes, try wearing biker shorts as your underwear. In addition to making short clothes, biker shorts will also make you look even more chic. Suitable for use with oversized shirts or blazers.

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