Apart from being a head protector, baseball cap absolutely makes you look shaky

When asked to take a walk during the day, most of you will be reluctant. Especially if you literally take a walk in direct sunlight, really lazy because it can make your skin burn. One of the things that can protect you is a baseball cap. This baseball player hat is not much different from other hats. The shape is slim and perfectly protects the face from exposure to the nasty daytime heat rays, perfect for your wear. The plus value that can be obtained from this hat is that it is easy to find anywhere and makes you immediately fashionable and incomparable. Check out the makeup inspiration with this baseball cap, girls. Sure, you won't refuse to wear it when traveling.

1 When wearing a white T-shirt, you can wear a baseball cap of any color. You can also use this soft pink as a mainstay during the day!

2 If you want to make swag easy, this hat can be the highlight. Want to wear sweaters and sneakers, it's all fine!

3 If you have a very feminine style, you can maintain that image even if you wear a baseball cap that belongs to this checklist brand

4 Traveling to other countries is also more comfortable even if you only wear these shirts, t-shirts and shorts. Your face won't turn red when you wear this hat!

5 Looking neat and relaxed? The official blazer will still match even if you wear it by wearing this baseball cap as a head protector when you are in office.

6 You won't be gloomy anymore when you wear a black shirt. Just overwrite it with a bright hat like this

7 Be cheerful with a yellow baseball cap. Even standing in a crowd is easy to find

8 Your hat will not seem normal when it has a heart accent on the back. Funny?

9 It's not too plain, the embroidered accent on the hat can also sweeten your appearance!

10 Sweeten your look that day with a striped shirt, and it will feel more perfect when wearing this nude colored hat. You can also embroidered with your name, really nostalgic right!

Not just dwelling on the same colors, baseball caps have gotten even cuter. You can rely on it to be used anytime and anywhere, girls! Quarter three money, this disposable hat can be protected from scorching heat and be cool!

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