B.I’s Casual Style Inspiration That Fits So OOTD Hang Out, Cool

Regarding fashion style, Kim Hanbin or better known as B.I is known to be very stylish. He is good at combining casual outfits to look cool and swag. No wonder B.I's fashion style is often an OOTD idea for his fans. B.I's fashion style is perfect for hanging out!

Here are nine inspirations for B.I's casual style that you can copy to hang out. Curious about the style? Immediately see the discussion below.

1 The combination of a gray sweater with short pants and sneakers can be a stylish casual OOTD for a walk

2 Anti-complicated, mix a plain black t-shirt with oversized denim pants. Just complete your appearance with your favorite sneakers!

3 T-shirts combined with a hoodie never fail to make the appearance look really cool. For the bottom, wear blue denim pants and sneakers

4 Apart from a hoodie, try mixing a T-shirt with a printed shirt as the outer. Also wear short denim pants and sneakers as a complement to the appearance

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