Black Dress Ideas From Korean Celebrities That Can Be Imitated

Black clothing is often a favorite clothing for some people. The neutral color is suitable to be combined with a variety of colors, ranging from bright to matching colors.

So do not be surprised if a number of celebrities from Korea also rely on black clothing for everyday wear, whether formal or even non-formal. Some of them also provide inspiration so that black dresses look more stunning.

Blackpink’s Lisa, Jessica Jung and the following black dress ideas from Korean celebrities that can be imitated.

1 Lisa Blackpink

One of Blackpink’s personnel, Lisa, is one of the Korean actresses who gave black dress ideas from Korean celebrities. Lisa’s style of wearing a black dress is more stunning with necklaces and rings as accessories to support her appearance.

You can also consider a style adorned with brilliant diamonds. Another classic jewelry to try is the Tiffany & Co. range. HardWear and the Cartier Clash de Cartier range.

2 Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi’s style can also be one that inspires. For those of you who like all black clothes. Unlike Lisa Blackpink, you can use sneakers to add charm to your appearance later.

3 Son Na-eun

Or you can add a casual casual baseball cap to a feminine black dress. Finish off with a retro-looking Celine canvas bag. The result is clothes that have a relaxed yet fashionable feel like Son Na-eun’s style.

4 Taeyeon

Take the black dress idea from Korean celebrity Taeyeon. Wear brightly colored hair accessories to add charm to your little black dress. She matches her lipstick color with accessories to create a matching look.

Also use knee-high boots for the footwear of your choice. However, we recommend that you try it at least once by pairing it with your summer outfit. You will be surprised at how good you look.

5 Jessica Jung

Your black outfit is also perfect for pairing with a white shirt and monogrammed high socks and sandals. Even this gaua makes Jessica look like a young schoolboy. In order not to look too serious, he completed the arrangement with a mini Lady Dior that is lively and petite.

6 Roses Blackpink

Rosé is a Korean celebrity who often wears black dresses for fashion photoshoots. In this case, her dress was embellished with some pink ribbons, and she wore a chunky pearl necklace that added a retro and youthful touch.

7 Joy Red Velvet’s

The black dress idea of ​​the last Korean celebrity came from Red Velvet’s Joy. You can brighten up your black dress with a touch of red, yellow, orange, green and other bags according to your liking.

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