Boost Your Confidence with These 7 Inspiring Zodiac Makeup Styles

Have you tried various makeup styles, from Korean makeup, bold makeup, to natural looks, but haven’t found the one that fits your heart yet? Have you tried makeup according to your zodiac sign yet? If not, you must try it, who knows, this is the makeup style you’ve been looking for all this time.

A makeup style that suits our character, is believed to increase self-confidence, you know! So, for those who are curious about the makeup style based on the zodiac, let’s go straight to the following makeup inspirations compiled from the Maybelline India website.

1 Aries

A bold and dramatic makeup style is perfect for describing the Aries figure who is bold, optimistic, and adventurous. Therefore, this zodiac sign needs a dark red lipstick with winged eyeliner to highlight its brave character. Don’t forget to add false eyelashes and finish with a touch of highlighter to give a glowing impression. Interested in trying it?

2 Taurus

Since Taurus is an earth element, so the makeup tips for this zodiac are to use earth tone colors, such as nude brown, olive, mustard, and terracotta. Colors like this can describe the Taurus character who is tough, patient, and brave.

In addition, Taurus should also use a light base makeup, peach-colored blush, and highlighter to give the impression of a fresh face. Apply eyeliner on the eyes and nude lipstick to complete your look.

3 Gemini

This zodiac sign really likes to try new things, so don’t be surprised if his makeup style is always different from the others. Makeup tips for those of you who are Gemini, try a full color makeup style to highlight your cheerful side.

4 Cancer

Well, for this moody, sensitive, but loving Cancer, metallic colors are perfect for you. Try to use eyeshadow with a soft metallic color plus brown eyeliner combined with pink blush to highlight your soft side and tinted lip balm to balance the bright eyeshadow color.

5 Leo

People with the sign of Leo usually have high self-confidence, are ambitious, and brave. To highlight his personality, Leo can use gold for eyeshadow and highlighter. As for lipstick, choose a satin or matte finish with a nude color. Use contour to define the appearance of the cheekbones and jawline. Avoid using pink blush, use warm peach and terracotta colors instead.

6 Virgo

Natural and simple makeup with brown or caramel colors is a suitable makeup style to describe this zodiac character who is famous for his intelligence. In addition, the addition of a little blush and a thin contour can also enhance the natural beauty of a Virgo.

7 Libras

Just like Virgo, Libra’s make-up can also be said to be simple because the zodiac sign with the scales is often only interested in one color, namely pink which will be used from eyeshadow, blush, to lipstick. Wow, it’s all pink, isn’t it, Beauties?

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