Brocade Dress Combination with Tulle and Hijab, Cute for Wedding

What kind of clothes do you usually wear for invitations? One piece of dress is usually a mainstay outfit for those who like simple styles. This time, we have summarized some brocade dress ideas with a tulle and hijab combination that can be a reference for you.

There are various kinds of models with attractive colors, you know! Like what? Come on, take a peek at the brocade dress combination of tulle and hijab below!

1 Floral brocade detailing on the belly and sleeves, blending perfectly with the tulle on the dress. Beautiful again with the addition of the side ribbons

2 You can cheat a simple brocade dress and vanilla tulle, followed by a matching rectangular hijab and additional lace heels

3 The combination of a brocade dress with satin and tulle details on the cape sleeves, makes your look even more elegant

4 References for pregnant women, you can tiruloose dresses with brocade and tulle nuances on the sleeves and matching hijabs

5 Stunning in a pastel blue, brocade detailing on the chest adds to the coolness of this tulle dress in this matching inner color

6 Or, you can apply a mermaid-cut dress with a dusty pink color and a super cute matching Pasmina hijab.

7 elegant brocade dresses with an inner form of tulle, can be a sweet reference for invitations with your partner

8 Modern brocade detail, floral dantulle motif, makes your appearance more elegant, especially with the addition of beads and lace

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