Celebrate Summer with Solid Matching Linen Clothes

Fashion trends seem to come and go every year. What has been a trend in the past can even be of interest to many people today. Likewise, clothes made of linen, a fabric that keeps the wearer feeling cool.

Linen is often chosen as a popular clothing material to welcome summer. Linen is almost always used at every Spring/Summer fashion stage event. In addition to having the ability to cool, linen is also widely chosen because it is one of the most biodegradable fashion fabrics ever.

Curious what kind of mix and match you can imitate for summer with clothes made of linen? Come on, you can copy some of the mix and match that Beautynesia has summarized below.

1 One Set Linen with Bermuda Pants

For the first mix and match of linen, you can try to wear a suit of the same color. This kind of suit has become a familiar trend in the fashion world.

Linen’s signature color, beige, is the highlight of summer outfits. In addition, usually for the subordinates that we often encounter are long pants or maybe short high-waisted models. But this time the model is quite different, because this combination takes short pants with a Bermuda model that is becoming a trend lately.

2 Linen Wrap Dress

Linen wrap dress has actually become an essential item that is most often worn in the summer. The model is classic and unique, bringing a beautiful and elegant feel when used.

The strap detail at the waist is also able to give the illusion of being slim when worn. Because it is made of linen, this dress will be very comfortable and not feel hot. You can use it on all occasions, such as for traveling or just taking a walk. For friends who wear hijab, this dress seems to be your choice too.

3 Blouse and Linen Pants

Well, for those of you who like to appear in a boyish style, you can try to imitate this one linen blend. Besides being simple, this appearance can make your look look more trendy.

First you can choose a shirt made of linen with an oversized model, then add an inner layer in the form of a tank top or crop top according to your wishes. For pants, you can wear linen pants or regular cloth pants. In addition, you can add a touch of accessories such as necklaces and leather belts to sweeten your appearance.

4 Linen Sleeveless Jumpsuit

In addition to dresses and suits, a mix and match of linen that you can also choose is a jumpsuit. Tops that are connected directly to these pants will make it easier for you to look elegant without having to be confused about combining colors.

Like a green and white jumpsuit with a vertical stripe motif on this one. The ruffle-shaped collar detail that surrounds the sleeves of this jumpsuit gives an elegant impression. In addition, the shape of the pants is made with a wide model like the shape of palazzo pants which can give the impression of a longer leg. You can mix and match this jumpsuit when attending a beach party or just want to go for a walk with your partner.

5 Linen Office Look

Have to wear a work suit in the summer? Just imagining it must have felt hot of course.

Eits, but it looks like you should try to wear a suit with a linen base. Like the look of this one office look. Looks still formal but tends to be more relaxed, yes. After this outfit you can make an option if you still have to work in a warm and hot summer situation. In addition to making you cooler, office clothes made of linen like this definitely feel lighter when worn.

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