Celebrity Wedding Dress Ideas March 2021, Modern Kebaya to Dresses

March 2021, which has just passed, has become a memorable month for a number of celebrities. Some celebrities have succeeded in bringing their love relationships to the level of marriage, some have made applications.

Come on, see the inspiration for celeb-style wedding dresses that held a party in March 2021! There are several references to soft patterned dresses, here!

1 Henny Mona, wife of Shandy Tumiwa, wears a long white brocade kebaya with a tight pattern. Sweet combined with silver siger

2 Jihan Salsabila, wife of Ustaz Syam, chose a simple dress with sparkling sequins. The white tulle veil covered the white pasmina she was wearing

3 At the moment of the marriage ceremony, Kalina wore a champagne color kebaya with a neck collar. The matching veil also functions as a shawl

4 At the reception, Kalina chose a white ball gown with off-shoulder sleeves. Her hair was neatly tied up with a white veil and tiara trimmings

5 Marcellia, wife of Hamas Syahid, wears a dusty pink satin tulle gown. Goes well with her husband’s burgundy red basofi suit

6 Syahra Larez clad in Sundanese wedding attire at the moment of the marriage contract. The classic brocade kebaya is accented by a short train on the back

7 Unique and charming, Jesica Fitriana’s wedding kebaya has a high collar cut while the chest is V-shaped

8 Novia Giana, wife of Ikbal Fauzi, chose a champagne gown with a sabrina collar for the reception. The top of the dress to the sleeves decorated with shiny sequins

9 Beauty influencer Hanum Mega wears a classic Sundanese kebaya with a unique cut. The brocade has a vine pattern combined with the jarit subordinates with a machete motif

The 10 modern iridescent kebaya at the moment of Aurel’s application is also suitable for wedding attire. Glamorous with a drappery accent on the back

Here are 10 inspiration for celeb-style wedding dresses that can be a reference for you. There are classic kebaya, kebaya with modern designs, to dresses that can be tailored to your needs.

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