Charming Portrait of Cut Ashifa, a Young Actress who Steals Attention

The month of Ramadan is incomplete if you don’t watch religious soap operas directed by Deddy Mizwar. After Lorong Waktu and Para Penceri Tuhan, the senior actor worked on a new religious soap opera entitled Rumah Bidadari. This soap opera stars Lavicky Nicholas and Adinda Azani.

Well, apart from the two of them, there is one name that stole the attention of the audience the most, namely Cut Ashifa. Yups, this artist who has starred in many FTV titles also participated in the soap opera which premiered on April 13, 2021. Not only good at acting, Cut Ashifa is also known for her charming face, you know!

1 Here’s a portrait of Cut Ashifa that makes the audience fail to focus.

2 Not only is he good at acting, he is also known to have a very cute smile, especially when wearing pink lipstick like this.

3 From any side, the charm of the Jakarta-born actress still radiates.

4 Simple and minimalist makeup is a mainstay for everyday.

5 The combination of pink makeup look and french braid hair will make anyone who sees it immediately fall in love with it.

6 No need for heavy makeup to bring out her natural beauty aura!

7 The charm is no doubt. Do you agree, Bela?

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