Check out Mother-Daughter Compact Styles from Princess Diana to Kylie Jenner! Who is the Most Fashionable?

Couple style with a lover may be a common thing, but couple style with the baby is a bonding tip that mothers can try. The matching style of mother & child brings a warm, close, and compact impression. It's no wonder that modern mothers are now increasingly fond of this mother-daughter uniform style. Eits! But it's not just modern mothers, from Princess Diana to other Hollywood celebrities who have also worn twin clothes with their children, you know, Beauties! From coordinating colors to using one similar material, take a peek at their mother-daughter style that could be your next inspiration below.

Princess Diana and Prince Harry

At an event in 1988, members of the British royal family were present to greet the public. From the row of special clothes they wore, the color compactness of Princess Diana's clothes and her child, Prince Harry actually caught the eye. The white-green color coordination seemed to dominate the clothes of the mother and the youngest child.

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Philippe

This mother-daughter duo are exactly like twins, aren't they, Beauties? From all-black outfits and accessories, to white trainers, to loose blonde hair, Reese and Ava look more like brothers than mother and daughter. Their matching outfits are relatively easy to imitate with the coordination of basic colors and easy-to-find fashion items. Don't forget to add sunglasses to make your look even more fashionable!

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Still with a monochromatic color match, this time Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise present inspiration for the casual style of a chic mother and child. Their street style is compact with a patterned top––Katie's plaid pattern and Suri's stripes––and a white skirt, both of which look adorable as they walk hand in hand. But of course, Katie showed the 'cool mom' side by combining the outfit with sunglasses and suede ankle boots.

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