Classy, 3 Outfit Inspirations with Park Min Young’s Long Coat

A long coat is one of the fashion items that is suitable to be used to support a fashionable and classy appearance with a mix-and-match outfit that doesn't take much effort. This one fashion item is also quite popular among artists, you know!

Call it Park Min Young, a Korean actress who is known to be fashionable with a choice of fashion styles that are always stylish. Park often combines a long coat with a variety of other clothing items that make it look stunning. Curious about what Park Min Young's long coat idea is like? Immediately see the following article, come on!

1 Looking simple, Park Min Young used a beige long coat as an outer and a black inner dress that matched the color of flat shoes

2 Combining a black long coat blazer and white knee-high boots can be a reference for an elegant style outfit

3 Park Min Young looks classy when she wears a navy long coat, inner white dress, white heeled boots and a houndstooth beret hat

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