Collection of Syahrini Bags which are the same price as a car to a mortgage house, let’s see the model!

One of the country's celebrities who likes to collect luxury bags is Syahrini.

Because he likes it, Syahrini's bag collection is called the most complete netizen among many other artists.

Syahrini's bag collection even consists of various colors ranging from soft colors to bright colors.

Syahrini's fashion style, which is always surrounded by luxury goods, has often succeeded in capturing the public's attention.

Like Reino Barack's wife's bag collection, the price is equivalent to a car to a mortgage house.

The color of luxury bags in this collection also varies, namely red, blue and yellow.

Curious what Syahrini looks like when wearing his luxury bag collection?

Let's see, Stylovers!

We start with the cheapest collection of Syahrini bags.

**This bag was seen when Syahrini was in his luxury car while wearing a white blouse and dark gray pants.

She combined the outfit with a plain rectangular hijab in light gray.

The small blue luxury bag next to it was clearly highlighted.

This bag is A Bleu Saphir Calf Box Leather Sellier Mini Kelly with GHW from the Hermes brand.

The price of a Hermes bag owned by Syahrini reached Rp. 135,000,000.

Can you buy a car, Stylovers with this one bag.

In the second photo, Syahrini is seen wearing an all-yellow color.

The yellow shirt he wears is combined with a hijab and white trousers.**

As for shoes and bags, Syahrini chose a color similar to the shirt he was wearing.

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