Combining Red Kebaya and Wahyu Tumuran Batik, This is the Meaning of Selvi Ananda’s Clothing

Gibran Rakabuming was officially appointed as Mayor of Solo on Friday (26/2/2021). Accompanied by his wife, Selvi Ananda, the eldest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), he came to the inauguration venue at the Solo City DPRD Building.

At the inauguration ceremony, Gibran looked handsome in a white official shirt. Meanwhile, Selvi wore a red kebaya wrapped in dark brown batik cloth. The two looked harmonious when taking a photo together.

Batik Motif Designer and Natural Dye Writing Cough Activator, Agnes Dwina Herdiasti explained, the batik motif used by Selvi while accompanying her husband’s inauguration was Wahyu Tumurun.

“It’s not exactly the same as what I usually see, but there are similarities in the objects. Wahyu Tumurun is usually used at weddings, ”explained Dwina when contacted by MNC Portal Indonesia, Friday (26/2/2021).

Dwina explained that the literal meaning of Wahyu Tumurun is a revelation or guidance from the Almighty that is sent down to the user. There are several objects that are usually used in the object of Wahyu Tumurun, including:

1 The eagle which is a symbol of the natural kingdom of the gods (gods)

2 Crown and dampar or throne which is a symbol of power.

3 Plants or animals representing the earth

Furthermore, since long time ago there has been a change of leaders, perhaps even now in some areas it is often stated that the elected leaders are ‘fallen revelations’.

“This means that there are signs from nature, for example in the form of a star or something else, which indicates a leader who is elected,” he concluded.

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