Coming back, ISEF 2021 Promotes the Concept of Sustainable Muslim Fashion

Fashion is one of the fields that has developed very rapidly. One of them is Muslim fashion. Indonesia, with the largest Muslim population in the world, is targeted to become the world's Muslim fashion mecca.

At the ISEF 2021 Sustainable Muslim Fashion Press Conference which was held virtually on Monday (18/10/2021), Ali Charisma as National Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), Jetty Rosila Hadi as Vice Chair of the Indonesian Halal Lifestyle Center (IHLC), and Diana Yumanita as Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Sharia Finance of Bank Indonesia, explained in more detail about ISEF 2021.

1 Indonesia as a center for the halal industry and Muslim fashion

Diana Yumanita said that Indonesia was targeted to become the center of the halal industry. One of them is through Muslim fashion.

To achieve this, ISEF 2021 again collaborates with Bank Indonesia, the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), and the Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center (IHLC) to synergize in organizing ISEF 2021 with Sustainable Muslim Fashion as the theme.

"As a form of inclusiveness in the strategy of developing Islamic economics and finance in Indonesia, we hope that we can actively participate in advancing the country's Muslim fashion sector," said Diana.

2 The concept of halal lifestyle is the main attraction for Indonesia

Jetty Rosila Hadi shared that Muslim fashion designs have been introduced more than 20 years ago by designers. What makes this Muslim fashion has its own charm, especially in Indonesia is because of the halal concept.

This halal lifestyle is a guide for daily life. It contains the value of sustainability.

"We also see now, the world is developing what are called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which focus on 17 sectors. These 17 concepts are in accordance with the concepts of halal and thoyyib which have been the lifestyle of Muslims. So that SDGs are part of the halal and thoyyib myself," said Jetty.

In addition, Muslim clothing is polite clothing that can be accepted by various entities, not only among Muslims. This shows the potential of Indonesian Muslim fashion products to bring Indonesia to become the center of the global halal industry

3 Sustainable fashion as a principle and a lifestyle

With the theme "New Normal is Sustainable Fashion", Sustainable Muslim Fashion ISEF 2021 is promoting the socialization of the concept of sustainable fashion as a new lifestyle in the new normal era. The principle of sustainable fashion is in line with the principle of thoyyiban (goodness) which is part of the halal lifestyle.

Ali Charisma explained that sustainable fashion is not a trend, but a must for the fashion industry to run.

“Sustainable fashion as a movement and a strong message in ISEF since it was first held. We invite participants, both producers and consumers, to be more concerned about living a sustainable lifestyle by paying attention to the sustainability of people's lives, environmental harmony, and mutual welfare," said Ali.

4 ISEF as a form of encouragement for national economic recovery

ISEF is the largest annual Islamic economic and finance event in Indonesia, which has entered its eighth year. With the theme "Magnifying Halal Industries Through Food and Fashion Markets for Economic Recovery", ISEF 2021 is the first international sharia economic activity that will integrate all components of the sharia economy.

ISEF 2021 is a manifestation of Indonesia's consistency in encouraging the recovery of the national economy and becoming a mecca for the world's sharia economy, which again includes sharia business actors to support the development of the halal value chain ecosystem, with Muslim fashion as one of the priority sectors in it.

These 5 events will be held in a hybrid way

Sustainable Muslim Fashion ISEF 2021 will be held in a hybrid manner (online and offline) on 27-30 October 2021 by presenting fashion shows, exhibitions, talk shows, and competitions. "Of course the majority of activities are run virtually," said Ali.

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