Creepy! Fashion Works Inspired by ‘Human Organs’

Good work does not need controversy that follows. Attention will come naturally, without being sought. Although the concept gives us goosebumps because of the unnatural model, the work of this world designer deserves two thumbs up! Taking inspiration from human organs, the details and cool manufacturing techniques are guaranteed to amaze you. Made from materials such as plastic to beautiful with the use of crystals, this fashion item inspired by the human organ is beautifully embodied without any sensational frills. Let's see.

1 Dsquared² collection for Fall 2010 season looks so dark with the dominance of tight clothing and latex in it. However, boots with spinal cord-shaped heels are considered to add to the horror impression in the collection.

2 Iris van Herpen's clothing is always beyond reason. In the Fall 2011 collection, she gave birth to a very complex "Skeleton" dress. This bone dress is made using 3D printing techniques and is made of polyamide, leather, and acrylic. This dress is so cool that it is included in one of the exhibitions belonging to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3 The concept of the Gucci Fall 2018 fashion show does have an unnatural element. Where the human head is used as a property carried by several models. The metaphor the designer wants to convey is about how people today build their identities, through the power of technology, Hollywood, Instagram, and Gucci.

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