Cute Body? Check out Park Bo Young’s fashion style in the drama Doom At Your Service

Owners of short bodies must have their own difficulties in combining clothes that fit so they don't look too big. It seems that the mix and match of Park Bo Young's clothes in the drama Doom at Your Service can be your reference.

Oversized Sweater

The use of oversized sweaters has become a trademark for Park Bo Young's character Tak Dong Kyung. Oversized sweaters will add a cute side to your appearance and are also simple.

Flare Skirt

For those of you who like to look feminine, you can copy Park Bo Young's style of wearing a skirt in the drama Doom at Your Service. He combines it with an oversized sweater or turtle neck.

Tuck in the front of a sweater or t-shirt to give the illusion of height to the waistline, as well as a sleek effect. You can also add belt accessories so as not to be monotonous.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are famous for making the legs look longer. This was also seen in Park Bo Young's appearance during the Doom at Your Service poster photo shoot. He combines linen pants with a shirt that is tucked in.

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