Dear Tiny Bodies, You Should Avoid These 3 Types of Shoes

Shoes are a fashion item to support appearance, for both women and men.

However, choosing the wrong type of shoe, especially for small women, can make the appearance less than optimal because it seems 'sinking' or getting shorter.

Therefore, women who are petite should avoid the following 3 types of shoes.

1 Gladiator Shoes

The detailed horizontal stripes on the gladiator boots will create the illusion of shorter legs.

So, this type of shoe is suitable for owners of tiered feet.

2 High Top Sneaker

Even though wearing sneakers is comfortable especially when you are outdoors, owners of small bodies should avoid high top sneakers.

The reason is, this type of shoe can make you look even more drowning.

3 Wedges

The thick sole of the wedges will add a weighty look to the legs thus making you appear shorter.

Although wedges are a more comfortable alternative to high heels, this type of shoe does not support the appearance of a petite woman.

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