Dominated by Blazers, 10 OOTD Ideas with Preaw Tussaneeya’s Outer

Wearing outerwear seems to be a trend again among fashion fans, outer is much favored by both men and women. The many choices of outer types will support your stylish appearance on various occasions.
Talking about the outer, there are many artists who like to combine these fashion items for a fresh and fashionable look. Call it an actress from Thailand, namely Preaw Tussaneeya. The outer choice of Preaw's style is really suitable as an additional reference for you lovers of contemporary style in outerwear. Curious? Come on, see the following article.

1 Start your style with a combination of white t-shirt, mint green cardigan as an outer, and basic jeans. Your look looks casual with the addition of sneakers and a baguette bag

2 Look modern with a vest as an outer, you can combine it with a white shirt and jeans. Don't forget the brown mini bag that matches the vest
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3 Choosing a mint green blazer that matches sandals with heels can be an inspiration for a chic style with high waisted jeans

4 One set of tie dye motif outfit with a shirt as an outer suitable to be combined with culottes. Pair with platform sandals for an anti-boring effect

5 Confused about combining your oversized shirt? Try the Preaw style sontek with a floral blazer as an outer. No need to be complicated, just wear sandals as footwear

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