Dress Kembar Rose BLACKPINK dan Mina TWICE, Who is the better one?

It’s no stranger to K-Pop idols wearing the same clothes. However, each idol has its own style that makes their appearance different. Like BLACKPINK’s Rose and TWICE’s Mina.

The two were spotted wearing a $1,995 USD mini dress from Saint Laurent. This daisy print dress features a petal collar, V-shaped neckline, and neck cushions that add a retro feel.

Launching the Koreaboo page, Rosé, who is the brand ambassador of Saint Laurent, was seen wearing the dress in an Instagram post in March this year. She paired it with a sock, suede panel platform shoe and a ring.

The BLACKPINK vocalist’s style is relaxed and shows a cool, cheerful, and relaxed teenage feel. Fyi, the shoes he wore cost Rp. 6.900,000 from Maison Margiela. And a ring from the Tiffany & Co. collection. worth around IDR 57,000,000.

While Mina wore the dress when TWICE appeared on the Japanese Fuji TV show ‘Let Me Tell Your Fortune’ in May this year. The singer hits ‘What is Love?’ it looks to complete her style by wearing beautiful gold earrings.

Even though it looks simple, Mina’s innocent and elegant aura still radiates with her long wavy hair that flows freely. The vintage style of the Saint Laurent dress is also evident.

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