Ed Sheeran’s Most Valuable Watch Collection

This world’s notorious songster and tunesmith isn’t only passionate about music but also timekeepers. Then’s a look into Ed Sheeran’s precious watch collection.

We might be ‘ Allowing Out Loud ’ but it seems like Ed Sheeran’s ‘ Bad Habit ’ is his partiality for collecting precious watches. The 32- time-old British songster- tunesmith, who boasts a cool net worth of over USD 200 million, has frequently impressed watch suckers with his dateless pieces. Rough estimates by experts indeed peg his collection at a monumental USD 6 million. From a many limited editions by Patek Philippe to classic designs by Rolex, we anatomize Ed Sheeran’s emotional watch collection.

Speaking of limited editions, Sheeran has been dominating captions lately for his involvement in an alleged plagiarism action filed by the heirs at law of one of Marvin Gaye’sco-songwriters. While the British songster- tunesmith surfaced triumphant in his case, it was his extraordinary claim of quitting music altogether that left suckers bothered. With his newest reader ‘- ‘ hitting the requests only lately, we can safely assume, much like his precious watches, that his time has just arrived.

How Ed Sheeran’s watch collection began
In a sit-down interview with Hodinkee’s Ben Clymer in 2022, the Grammy- nominated artist revealed that his seductiveness with watches began several times previous to his celebrity days. still, his passion was limited to retaining a single ToyWatch, a piece he believed would “ the bone”. It was fellow songster and watch dilettante John Mayer who acted as a catalyst in turning Sheeran from a one- watch- wonder to a decorated collector.

“ I’ve bought watches for big occasions or momentous effects that have happed in my life and career. I can pinpoint each watch to a special moment in my life. An IWC Big Pilot for my 22nd birthday, or a Patek Philippe 5004 for being nominated for my first Grammy( in 2012). numerous recollections and numerous watches, but they’re all just as special and hold just as important meaning, ” he further added.

The most precious watch collection of Ed Sheeran
Piecemeal from making a beeline towards his everyday favourites like the Patek Philippe modified Nautilus 5726A, Sheeran’s wrist has housed some of the most extravagant watches ever made like the Richard Mille RM 38- 01 Tourbillon G- Sensor Bubba Watson White Quartz TPT. We take a look at his full collection.

1. Rolex Daytona Rainbow 116599RBOW

Sheeran’s sword Daytona with a white “ Panda ” telephone happens to be one of the hottest Rolexes to get your hands on in recent times. Set with 36 birthstone- cut sapphires that embellish the bezel in rainbow colours, and 11 fresh various sapphires serving as the hour labels, this watch is a flashy addition that can be set up in Sheeran’s friend John Mayer’s collection as well. Did we mention the 56 brilliant- cut diamonds sitting on the lugs and crown guards? It doesn’t get further opulent than this.

2. Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ 6239

Still, Ed Sheeran’s ‘ Paul Newman ’ interpretation of the Rolex is a dateless collectible, complete with a sword bezel, If precious watches are to be considered. This luxury accessory vended for a record transaction deal at USD17.8 million back in 2017, making it one of the loftiest deals in watch history. While the Rolex has set up several buyers in the likes of Eric Clapton, Adam Levine and a bevy of other global stars, Ed’s event of choice for this oddity was the Victoria’s Secret periodic fashion show held in 2014.

3. Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116655

Maybe one of the more modest pieces from Ed Sheeran’s watch collection, this particular 18k rose gold timer was spotted on the songster’s wrist during his 2015 interview on The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show. Superlative in its construction and characterised by its largely durable black ceramic “ Cherachrom ” bezel insert, this specialised Yacht- Master is priced close to USD 30,000 at this moment.

4. Richard Mille 26-02 Tourbillon Evil Eye

Merchandising at a stunning USD 600,000, this Richard Mille stunner is inspired by “ Eye of Sauron ” from the Lord Of The Rings trio. Limited to only 25 pieces encyclopedically, this watch involves some of the stylish art in the world. The dears and eye detail are hand- sculpted using chisels that perfect the smallest details, reveals Richard Mille on its website. The specialised art of grand feu enameling gives the eye its striking depth and literalism. outgunned with several layers of transparent and hand- drafted micro lacquer work, the final product is one of the rarer yet quirkier timekeepers from the Swiss watch mammoth. Sheeran’s love for the watch came immortalised on the internet when he was spotted wearing it in an occasion of James Corden’s iconic show Carpool Karaoke.

5. Richard Mille RM27-03

Especially designed for tennis legend Rafael Nadal, the Richard Mille RM27- 03 was worn by Sheeran during his performance at102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball back in 2021. Thisultra-sporty watch features satiny orange, unheroic, and red tinges, meant as an homage to the courts at Roland Garros. Designed with a gulf medium and a 10,000 G shock resistance, this edgy accessory retails at overhead of USD 720,000 and there’s only 50 of it available in the world.

6. Richard Mille RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-Sensor Quartz TPT

Taking home the jewel for ‘ Artist of the Time ’ and ‘ Stylish manly videotape ’ at the 2017 MTV Music Awards called for some flashy wrist delicacy. Designed for golfing colonist Bubba Wilson, this Richard Mille product offers homemade winding gulf movement as well as one of the most intricate G- force pointers ever produced by the brand. Its futuristic Quartz TPT case makes it one of the lightest in the request. With a price label overhead of USD 800,000, the RM 38- 01 is one of the most exclusive watches with only 50 pieces released worldwide.