Effortlessly Stylish, Soraya Ulfa’s Eid OOTD Inspiration Creates a Different Look

Lebaran is in sight, what preparations have you made, Fimela's friend? You must be impatient, because this year, you can finally return to face-to-face meetings, after previously only doing it virtually. Maximum appearance must be prepared. But, still confused about which clothes to wear?

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Are you ready to see looks from Soraya Ulfa that can make you look stylish, trendy, and fresh on this Eid? Here's Shopee's summary for all Shopee friends.

  1. Monochrome Looks for Out of the Box Style

Eid clothes don't always have to be white. It's time to look different by wearing dark outfits, such as black and gray. Soraya said, “ berkah303 Dark colored outer pleats or wrinkled dresses are now a trend that many people like, you know! Perfect for giving a slimmer look too.”

  1. Trendy Looks, Add a Fashion Statement as an Accent

Do you prefer to wear white clothes on Eid? Of course it's okay. If you have a unique fashion statement such as boots, blazers or accessories that are sitting in the closet, you can really try to mix and match, right!

"In here, because I like combat boots, I tried to combine it with a maxi dress and I wore a pashmina to give an edgy impression when visiting relatives later." Soraya said.

  1. Cozy but Stylish Look, Make Sure The Clothing Materials Are Comfortable to Use

Everyone has been waiting for the moment to buy new clothes during Eid. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the use of clothing materials to be used, such as cotton, linen, satin, brocade, chiffon, and others. “The choice of materials is crucial! Especially during Eid, we usually visit and stay in touch with relatives and friends, so the clothes we wear don't make it difficult for ourselves." said Soraya.

How? Can't wait to hunt for your coveted clothes to wear for Eid, right? With a variety of attractive offers from Shopee through the Big Ramadan Sale which will last until May 5, you can buy Eid clothes for your family, relatives, and neighbors at once!

2 thoughts on “Effortlessly Stylish, Soraya Ulfa’s Eid OOTD Inspiration Creates a Different Look

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