Eid Klamby Wearing Clothing Collection, Raising the Archipelago and Middle East Theme

Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, local brand Wearing Klamby has just released its newest Eid collection entitled “Mashrabiya” Spring/Summer 2022. This collection was exhibited through a fashion show held at The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta, Friday (1/4/2022).

Mashrabiya is a collection of Eid clothing inspired by the combination of two cultures, namely Indonesia, Palembang, Sriwijaya and Dubai from the Middle East. Nadine Gaus, Founder of Wearing Klamby said the inspiration started after she came to the Dubai Expo.

“Yesterday we received an offer at the Dubai Expo, and like it or not, the theme is Middle East. Finally we marry between the Middle East and Palembang. Once we know the history, how did Palembang belong to the ancient trade silk route, so there was a lot of cultural acculturation, that's what we dig deeper," said Nadine Gaus when Fimela met at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.

The result of the marriage of the two cultures was then translated through motifs from architectural elements typical of the Middle East along with floral patterns from the nuances of Indonesian spices during the Sriwijaya kingdom.

“Once upon a time, Middle Easterners came to Indonesia (especially Palembang) to buy spices, and were paid in gold. So there are several flower (motifs) that represent the spices in question,” said Nadine.

Welcoming Ramadan, wearing klamby releases a collection of Eid clothes with Indonesian and Middle Eastern nuances.

There are at least 30 looks that are presented in this Mashrabiya collection consisting of dresses, scarves, tunics and pleats. Made from polyester, velvet, chiffon silk, and satin, this Mashrabiya collection is dominated by long A-line dresses and skirts to create a loose impression.

"So the use of materials is more, there are fewer pants but more dresses because in the Middle East there are rarely pants," he explained.

As a first look, actress Laura Basuki appeared as a model, showing off a light blue dress with an A line silhouette with tulle details. Dresses with floral motifs that represent the spices that are the prima donna in this collection.

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