Enchantment of Actresses in Traditional-Modern Dress, Kece No Debate

The Indonesian state is blessed with many regional cultures. Starting from ethnicity, language, to unique and characteristic traditional clothes. Not only a traditional concept, traditional clothes can also display a modern impression and look very stunning.

Like these nine portraits of an actress who is proud to wear regional attire in a modern upgraded look. Come on, take a peek at the following charms!

1 Having just turned 36 years old, Raline always looks stunning, especially in her traditional Balinese clothes

2 Agnez Mo wore clothes that featured batik and kebaya in Chinese Cheongsam nuances, so cool!

3 Bloody Minang, Nindy admitted that she was happy to be born as Gadih Minang and received lots of advice from her parents

4 It is incomplete to have a vacation to Sumba if you don't try on traditional clothes. 'Ata Huba', is the caption of Luna Maya in this charming portrait

5 Having just given birth to her third child, Jennifer Bachdim was united as a family to celebrate Nyepi Day in a charming outfit

6 Do not miss Jessica Iskandar who is also compact with her child when wearing traditional Balinese clothes

7 Dare to be different, that's the character that Sabrina wants to convey in her enchanting pink kebaya

8 Wearing traditional Central Javanese clothes, Vicky Shu took pictures with his mother and mother, what a compact!

9 Wearing a modern kebaya, Nabila Syakieb succeeded in presenting a regional impression that was packaged in a modern, elegant way!

Still retaining a touch of local wisdom, manifested in charming portraits of a number of Indonesian actresses dressed in traditional-modern clothing.

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