Ester Exposito stuns as she bares her fractionalization in a plunging red dress for Fashion Week

Ester Exposito’s red dress plunged nearly to her nexus, while just two slim strips of fabric covered her incompletely exposed guts.

The attention- grabbing red dress debuted on the pink carpet at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards event in Milan during the megacity’s Fashion Week.

Fashionista Ester might not be well- known to all Brits yet, but the up and coming Spanish actress, who’s from Madrid, has starred in a number of places.

She first rose to transnational fame after appearing in the Netflix teen drama Elite back in 2018.

Now that she’s 22, Ester is taking on further grueling and different places, including a forthcoming supereminent part in the horror movie Venus.

Ester Exposito showcased her slim- line body and flashed a smile to the cameras as she rested her arm on Uruguayan actor Nicolas Furtado’s shoulder.

On a former occasion this time, also in Milan, Ester Exposito chose to uncloak her shanks rather of her bust in a bitsy red beast print playsuit and matching hutment heels.

Ester Exposito looked inversely glamorous on the red carpet for the Toronto premiere of her forthcoming horror movie Venus before this month, in which she plays a worried go- go cotillion .